We are located at 38B Gordon Street in Sorell, next door to the Ampol Service Station

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

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Get fit, have fun, learn real life Martial Arts skills. 

Here at SMAA, we cater to all your martial arts needs. Students can purchase all required equipment on-site. We have male and female change rooms as well as toilet and shower facilities. We have a workout area with weights and cardio equipment for your fitness needs, and a fully matted floor for your safety. SMAA is fully compliant with Covid-19 safety regulations. 

Welcome to the Gym

Sorell Martial Arts Academy is a family-friendly martial arts studio that has a wide range of different classes to choose from for both kids and adults. We are fully accredited and affiliated under Maromba Academy Australia.  Read More About SMMA

Here at the Sorell Martial Arts Academy, we have many different class programs to choose from. We offer a dedicated kids class program catering for ages between 2 years through to 15 years, as well as many different adult classes for both beginners and experienced athletes.

Martial Arts Classes

“Beginner to Advanced”

The classes that we offer are fully accredited and cater for complete beginners to advanced. No matter what your goal is, we can help you achieve it. Lose weight, get fit or compete,  we can help you get there. We offer a dedicated adults program as well as a specialised kids program. For more information about the class you’re interested in, follow the links below.





Training Cost

Training Fee Structure at SMAA

Direct Debit Fee

There are NO LOCK-IN CONTRACTS –You can cancel anytime. direct debit allows unlimited access to all appropriate classes. Direct debit gives adult members access to the strongest and conditioning area conditions apply


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Casual Training Fee

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Kids Class Program

Confidence through Self-Defence

Here at SMAA we have dedicated kids programs with many options for your child to explore. Our instructors are police checked and have current Working with Vulnerable People clearance. We provide a safe environment for your child to grow and develop on their martial art journey. All classes cater to beginners.

Kids - Ninja Gym

Kids Ninja-Gym classes are perfect for pre-schoolers. Each session will guide your child through a number of exercises and obstacle courses designed to teach your child balance and coordination.

Kids – Ninja Gym

Kids Kickboxing

Kids Kickboxing classes are a great way to get fit, make new friends and improve coordination. These classes teach the fundamentals of punching and kicking as well as defense against punching and kicking.

Kids Kickboxing

Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our dedicated Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program has separate sessions for ages 4+, 8+ and 11+. Each class focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of BJJ which includes escapes, position control, sweeps and submissions.

Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Kids Judo

 Our Kids Judo classes are conducted by instructor Adam Newton. Students learn the fundamental skills of Judo which include break falling, throws and wrestling.

Kids Judo

First 3 classes are free. For more information call Adam on 0404 285 851

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Martial arts training has many benefits for children including increased confidence, building social skills, improving health and fitness and growing friendships whilst having fun!

The first 3 classes are free. For more information call

Adam on 0404 285 851